Reply To: Instruments pic!


It’s a very attractive photo! Nice compo. My study is dominated by a map of Skyrim of course!

I’m smiling at keeping the door shut to keep the cat out. The Collie thinks my study is half hers and would be upset if I banned her!

Anyway, I’m all inspired by you and Geert and will oil my (wooden) recorders. Pavane if you ever find/read your notes then hopefully you’ll confirm the citrus. I wonder if it’s OK to use any essential oil to add to the linseed? I haven’t used linseed much when I’ve been working with wood – I tend to wax or use teak, Danish and tung oils. However, we do have linseed in the barn – I’m just trying to figure what I must have used it for. Certainly not a cricket bat!

I’ve just remembered that anacrusis used to add something to the oil but I’ve forgotten what it was…