Reply To: Instruments pic!


A favourite is pretty much impossible. If I could only have one for ever more, I’d probably pick a tenor. And I adore my tenor but another tenor is probably the next thing on my shopping list! Not that there’s anything wrong with mine…maybe something for next year’s Early Music Festival.
I love the Superio olivewood descant, but that’s in part because I love olivewood anything, so I’m not entirely sure I’d rank it above the Steenbergen as an instrument. It does depend on what’s being played, the Steenbergen is quite strong in its presence, so the Superio seems to suit some things much better.
Likewise with the trebles, the Studio cherry was my first wooden instrument so will forever have a place in my heart, but the upgrade to the box Denner was astounding. Having said that, I’ve used the Studio for a couple of specific pieces in exams because it suited them better.
I oil using raw linseed oil (as recommended by Jacqueline Sorel on this maintenance course). I do inside only – most of mine are (or appear to be) varnished on the outside and I fear oiling would make them too slippery to handle!