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I don’t take much persuading…
Great bass – Mollenhauer Canta in pear
Tenor – Dolmetsch Academy box
Treble at A=415 – Mollenhauer Denner pear
Treble – Moeck Denner box
Treble – Kung Studio cherry
Treble with E-foot – Mollenhauer Modern pear (E-foot is laying down at the front, as it won’t stand up!)
Descant – Mocek Steenbergen box
Descant – Kung Superior olive
Descant – Dolmetsch Academy pear (body laying down because it has a convex bell and also won’t stand up)
Sopranino – Moeck Rondo maple

Not pictured – Aulos garklein and Woodnote bass (both plastic) and a Lyra bass (wooden, found in a secondhand shop, couldn’t leave it behind and should probably find it a home where it will be used!)

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