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The great bass book comes in bass clef and treble clef editions, if you’re changing clef then starting with the very basics is very reasonable I reckon! For four terms aged 11-12 I played the cello, so bass clef wasn’t entirely alien to me – but I think the cello and great bass both having C as the bottom note has been a help for me because that familiarity is buried somewhere in my brain!
Music stand reshuffle for me, so I now have:
* Marcello, 12 Sonatas (vol 1, 1-3): will be having a go at #1
* Great bass practice book plus two pieces we got to take home from recorder orchestra
* Baroque Solo Book, which I should probably open at random but will likely open at Telemann’s Fantasias!
* Van Eyck – vol 1, Doen Daphne has a sticker on it so that’s where I’ll pick up…though did I really get as far through the variations as the pencil annotations suggest I did?!
* Pachelbel Canon in D for tenor – because I played that bass line on tenor (and once on the cello) at school concerts so often that it’s nice to play one of the top parts!