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Jacqui that sounds extremely busy! Good luck with the building!

I work on a weekly basis starting on Tuesdays – it’s when my lessons used to be. So, every Tuesday I reconsider my repertoire and write it in for the week. The descant is still with Bach and will be for some time. The ‘Seven Dances’ are a delight but bits are challenging!

I’m still obsessed with bottom F on the treble which now is fairly secure. I probably hit it 9/10 or maybe 19/20… but the uncertainty really gets to me. So, I’m spreading my wings and adding a couple more top notes and gradually making my way through the Runge Solo Book I mentioned and sight reading Hugh’s Grade 2 for the treble. I’m enjoying the treble – I find it easier to shape and the top notes are easier to hit and sound sweet. Top C on the descant is still a bit of a challenge even though I’ve been playing it a lot longer; I always feel as if I need to take a ‘run’ at it which is not conducive to sweet notes!