Reply To: Blackwood Recorder – Acacia melanoxylon


Yes, you can hear the keys – they are quite heavy and close with a definite clunk. It is nice to play – I know some people would argue that it’s not a “real” recorder but it’s relatively easy to get a good low C# (sounds very poor on all my other recorders) and just as easy to get the C# 2 octaves higher which many recorders won’t play at all, or not without gymnastic efforts of the sort that I am far too old and inflexible to even attempt. The only thing I find relatively tricky is large drops to low notes, eg in Wat zalmen which has 10ths dropping to low C or D – the C often overblows. That’s me of course, not the recorder, and I am getting better at it. See also me answer to you “what’s on your music stand?” question.