Reply To: Blackwood Recorder – Acacia melanoxylon


I have the blackwood Ehlert. It was shockingly expensive, bought in a moment of madness during the pandemic. I’m not sure that I’d pay that much money again – I initially bought a Hotteterre and that was expensive enough. I was sent the wrong one (415 instead of 442 which I was very tempted to keep, but the finger spacing was such a stretch I worried I would injure my hand) and, when I returned it and got a credit for its value, it didn’t seem too much more for the Ehlert. But maybe it was! I can confirm that it is a lovely chunk of timber though. Slightly annoyingly considering the price, it has a thumb rest, but for me it’s hopelessly in the wrong place. It is adjustable, but not very far, so I currently use a rather Heath Robinson arrangement that allows me to stick a rubber clarinet thumb rest on – not a very elegant addition to such an costly instrument.