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> I think there might be a copy of The Renaissance Recorder in my future…

I’m not sure if any of the pieces are grade pieces, but have you looked at the Schott Renaissance Anthology books? I really like them – there’s a Renaissance series and a Baroque series, both of 4 volumes in ascending order of difficulty. The main downside from my point of view is that both series are for soprano (vols 1-2) and alto (vols 3-4). The upside is that they have a good range of material, performance notes, and a CD with both performances and backing tracks. I only play tenor so the first two vols of each series were fine as they were; I am transposing from F to C as I go with the later vols, which is a bit of a pain, but as the pieces get more difficult the time it takes to transpose them becomes ever shorter compared to the time it takes me to learn them.