Reply To: New member saying hi


And hello from another newbie here. I’m also Der Fluyten Lust-Hof-ing – my favourite set in there is still Wat Zalmen, but I have a very bad habit of doodling my way through whatever catches my eye in there and keep finding (and then losing) new gems. I play them on an alto recorder because the descant ends up giving me tinnitus after prolonged playing, and am slowly getting my fingers round the peculiarities of my Mollenhauer Kynseker. The holes are so large that sometimes I feel almost as if my fingers might get stuck in them….
Other than that, my go-to things are the Bach flute partita – the sarabande if I’m feeling timid, the other movements when I’m feeling braver – and random Telemann sonatas when I’m lucky enough to have access to an accompanist.

favourite wood - box (but fruit woods will do)
favourite recorder - voice flute (but still can't read the music for it...)
favourite extended technique - tone bending (or maybe my fingers just missed)