Reply To: New member saying hi


Hi, I’m new too.

On the treble (which I’ve just started again) I’m playing some really simple, very short tunes. I have the first octave and I’m just starting bits of the second. It’s kind of ‘Bobby Shafto’ stuff. On the descant which I’ve been playing a lot longer and in theory ought to be further along the road, I’m really struggling as I’ve had quite a long break from it and the treble seems to make the descant worse. I’m hoping this is temporary. Anyway, I’m working my way through Bowman and Heyens’ Baroque Anthology 1 and ditto the Renaissance volume.

It’s interesting that you tackle the hardest bits first, Jacqui. I sometimes do that too but I try to finish sessions playing something really easy so that I try to end up thinking that I’m doing OK!

I too am itching to start Christmas music but I’m making myself wait until December. I love carols on the recorder.