Reply To: New member saying hi


Hi Jacqui – welcome to the forum!

What I’m playing is, mostly, the same old stuff ;( I really need to make a bit more of an effort to start something new and, given that summer daylight saving has just ended, I’ve decided to be positive and regard the winter months as an opportunity to use the time to explore some different things.

I have made a bit of a start by doing some work on Gordon Saunders’ Eight Traditional Japanese Pieces as I quite like Japanese flute music. I’ve actually had the book for a while but it has been difficult because I don’t know any of the tunes and I can’t really grasp how they should sound from the sheet music alone. However, I recently found one on youtube and have been working on that which has been fun. The Christmas music is a good idea and I think I’ve got some somewhere, I must look for it. I also did a couple of the Telemann solo fantasias a while ago (I picked the easiest two and I’m still not very good at them but the challenge is good). I should probably start another one of those, and maybe also a van Eyck, though choosing the right piece is a bit of a challenge.