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Mark Gorman

Thank you for the reply.
The playing isn’t going too badly. I’m practicing regularly. The long covid is definitely still having an impact on breathing. This seems to be more of an issue with my alto than the tenor. I was presuming that it would be the other way round, due to the wider bore of the tenor. It may be down to the individual instruments. My practice alto is a plastic Yamaha. Whereas my tenor is a wooden Adler, which must be about 50 years old. The Adler definitely needs a soft breath to produce a good tone.
I’m hoping that regular practice will help my breathing. I’m a cycling coach, so I ride a bike regularly, a bit of a struggle with the breathing. My colleagues seem to indicate that it could take 12 months to fully recover.

I’m glad that the tinnitus isn’t likely to have an impact. As I am playing alone, it is difficult to tell.