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Edward Plumer


I did find a public domain upload of HWV-362 (Aminor) and HWV-369 (Fmajor) on Musescore that I can use as a starting point.

I am pretty pleased with the HWV-369 tracks I got from “Continuo Lines” and really appreciate your pointing it out. I didn’t find HWV-362 so requested it for future consideration. Some key differences: (1) the lead-in is not clicks but a musical passage imitating the end of the repeat section making it almost obvious where to enter, (2) there is only a tempo slow down at the end of the movement, not at the cadences before repeats, (3) Continuo Lines specifically uses Vallotti temperament on baroque music, Cat On The Keys is vague about their choice. All in all, the Continuo Lines version is working much better for me. I look forward to more options in their library.