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Richard Hureau

When you say “I will try to see if my Faber edition realization of the Handel sonatas can be brought into Musescore” I’m not quite sure what you mean. You have to ENTER the notes into Musescore. So Any sheetmusic can be put into Musescore. They have a PDF import feature but it almost never works, at least for me. I gave up using it. Entering music into MScore can be made easier using an entry keyboard like the one I have called an M-Audio Keystation Mini 32. It costs $50 and is easy to set up. It’s basically a keyboard mouse device, but you can hear the notes as you play them and enter them in the score. It does NOT play anything unless connected to a computer (it’s just a “MIDI Controller”). Use the link below to see on at Amazon:
M-Audio Keyboard