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Edward Plumer


One of the frustrations that I am having right now with the CatOnTheKeys tracks is the slight ritardando on the cadences just before a repeat. It is very pleasing musically, but since *I* have the subsequent pick up notes and the continuo has silence just before and after my part enters, this change in the pulse is making it challenging for me to sync up on the repeat. A parallel click track is a neat idea but I would have to make it slow down by the same amount. Do you have any tricks for this?

I use Musescore a lot for creating and marking up my working recorder part. After first thinking it was a good idea to play the accompaniment that way, I found its “playing” pretty rough to listen to. I may go back to that approach given these other frustrations. It certainly has the nice cursor that follows along with the music. Though right now, my computer and practice cubby are not in the same place.