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Edward Plumer


I have used Audacity to change pitch and/or speed, but so far only to do things such as changing A=442 recordings (e.g. the Baroque and Renaissance anthologies) to A=440. Once I have my tracks picked out, I use the “MP3Tag” app on windows to add or normalize the track properties and add homemade album art to make a nice custom album. I can then drop it into iTunes and sync it over to my iPhone.

Anyone have recommendations for tools that help coordinate such an MP3 with the score? I would love to be able to restart the continuo recording at a specific measure in the score with a pickup count 🙂

One caution about the CatOnTheKeys recordings: I have found that the count-in clicks are not consistently aligned with pickup notes (anacrusis). Sometimes, the pickup note is at the end of the count-in measure. Sometimes, it is in a fractional measure after the count-in. I am assuming the latter case, which I found in HWV-369.II, was a mistake. Best to check the recorded count-ins carefully against the score.

Thanks for the tip about “Continuo Lines”, I will check them out as well.