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Richard Hureau

I have typed a reply to this twice now. It never seems to take it, even though I AM logged in. Grrrr! Of course, THIS reply is working. Let me try my earlier one (which I copied):
Thanks for the tip, Edward. I have bought several pieces from CatOnTheKeys also. They are good. As mentioned earlier, the use of multiple tempos and intonations (415/440) is really not necessary for mp3 music because software can now be used to modify either aspect without changing anything else. So you could slow down or speed up a piece without affecting the pitch.

The best software in Windows, mentioned about, is Transcribe! . But even Windows Media Player can speed/slow a piece without affecting the pitch.

In Android and iPad there are many apps that can do this. For Android, Music Speed Changer is one of the most popular, and SoundCorset looks pretty good too.

Software retains the fidelity of the piece while performing the speed/intonation change, but only within limits. So the multi-version method used by many of the playalong pieces you can buy is still a good thing to get if you want to dramatically alter the speed or intonation.

Another good place to buy playalongs is Continuo Lines (recorder virtuoso Tabea Debus is associated with it).