Reply To: Ecodear Recorders- How good are they?

Ken In Dallas

Nobody answered? Okay, here’s my 2¢. During this pandemic I’ve purchased way too many resin recorders. I think the Yamaha Ecodear is the best sounding of the plastic sopranos and altos. I wish they made a sapranino or a keyless tenor.

Its ‘con’ is its tight windway, which clogs sooner than most others. If you learn to mix your own anti-clog mild soap solution, it’s no problem. I get about two hours of no-problem playing once it’s set up. On the fly, I’ve applied the solution and then hit it with canned compressed air from the computer store. I don’t believe I’d try that with a wooden instrument as it might damage the voice. The voice of the Ecodear compares well against my decent mid-priced Pear and Maple instruments. (I don’t own any Boxwood recorders.) It’s “Reedy” in voice. The voices of my 30+ year old exotic woods are not comparable. The Yamaha is absolutely in tune. I wouldn’t be hesitant to perform with a properly anti-clog(ged?) Ecodear.

I know you’re not asking, but I’ll offer that though the voice is not as warm, the Alto Zen On is faster fingering for me… if you’re an Alto player. I practice on the Zen On and play for family after dinner on the Ecodear. I record myself on wooden recorders. Is that a sense of my take on things?

I don’t know how long it’s been since you played, but many new wooden recorders (to my ear) don’t compare well to their older siblings. Perhaps the manufacturers aren’t investing the time they used to. I just don’t know. but you just may find the Yamaha meets all your needs.

— k