Reply To: Warmer for Recorder Drawer?

Richard Hureau

No, there isn’t much activity. This is the second recorder forum I’ve been on. The earlier one was discontinued for lack of activity.

I kind of think that there isn’t enough to discuss about recorders to drive a lot of activity. I mean, it’s not like say camera equipment where there are tons of items and equipment to purchase, at all different price points. I know that there are different reccorder sizes and some equipment like metronomes, and of course sheet music, etc, but not enough to drive a lot of activity, IMHO.

It’s a shame too, because if you look on Facebook, there are a bunch of recorder groups, but unlike a forum, which is organized and arranged by topic, so a topic will stay in the same place for even years and is relatively easy to find, FB’s arrangement is by the stream of entries, all mashed together into your feed, and even that order gets mixed up and it is essentially impossible after a while to find something you saw earlier. It’s kind of like a conversation, no doubt deliberately and by design.

But the consequence is that the same questions get asked over and over again – “my recorder is clogging after I play it for 10 minutes!! What can I do about it?!?” Etc, etc. After answering this question about 15 times, it gets kind of wearying. So I hate it and wish there were someplace like this that had more activity. Oh well, this is OK and I hope it stays online!