Reply To: Warmer for Recorder Drawer?

Richard Hureau

“As fars as I can figure, using a hot water bottle (and maybe a towel) does not apply any different kind of heat than heating the ambient air? It is still “dry heat”; the water in the bottle doesn’t leach out. 🙂 So if it’s hot enough to cause drying, it’s the same. Am I wrong? Maybe the real difference is, it’s localized and very short-term?”
Yes, I suppose that’s correct. I thought of this myself, but decided to suggest it anyway. I guess the difference is as you say – localized and short-term. Anyway, it sounds like you have done some experimenting and it sounds good, so go for it! 🙂 Meanwjile, just FYI, I got an email notice containing each of your posts, so they didn’t disappear. But this forum’s software is a bit strange).