Reply To: Warmer for Recorder Drawer?

Richard Hureau

I looked all over the internet and cannot find anything on this topic. Sarah Jeffery (YouTube) talks about warm-up before practice (for you), how to warm the instrument under your arm, etc. , but not a peep about using artificial heat to warm the instrument.

I have heard of people using hot water bottles to keep their recorders warm during a concert (like unused recorders sitting on a bench or something), wrapped in a blanket or similar.

But somehow I don’t think I’d advise using dry heat as you are describing. I mean drying out a wooden instrument is kind of a bad thing to do. I suppose you could add a humidifier (like for a guitar case) in with the recorders to help with that problem, but it seems like it would be very hard to control. I guess you could put a humidity gauge in with everything and check it.

Maybe a compromise would work. In other words, about an hour before you want to play, put the recorder in a blanket with a water bottle. Then take it out when you are close to ready, warm it the normal way (like under your arm, etc). I think this would be safer than letting it cook in the drawer for hours on end. Just my semi-informed (semi-uninformed!) opinion. 🙂