Reply To: Next recorder(s): woods, size, etc.

Richard Hureau

WHile you wait for your recorder you could look at Vincent Bernolin’s YouTube video on treating the recorder with the fluid:

He makes it look easier than it really is – it comes out very fast, sometimes not from the tip (you have to shake it first and sometimes some is then leaking out of the sides of the top area – grrr!). It’s no doubt harder to control with a small soprano. But the good news is that if you saturate it, it will just do its unclogging longer. One thing about that – when you play a treated instrument, condensation sometimes runs down the FRONT of the recorder (probably more on an alto), coming out of the labium area. This is actually a sign that it is working (that condensation has to go somewhere!). Kind of strange but it’s better than have it clog. 🙂