Reply To: Next recorder(s): woods, size, etc.

Richard Hureau

Good luck with your soprano Bernolin! I think you will like it very much. But you will get spoiled by its lack of clogging (new instruments have been treated with the fluid). Enjoy it while it lasts! At least from my experience the treatment lasts and lasts but when it quits helping it quits pretty quickly, like within a few days – you’ll notice it clogging and then within a few days, it’s doing it a lot. Such is life.

As far as getting repairs, I suppose the most obvious place is Von Huene Workshop:

But I actually have never had a recorder repaired or revoiced – hence my eventual switching to just using plastic instruments.

The problem with revoicing is the need for it happens gradually over time, so you don’t even realize it is happening. Gradually it will become more and more muted, less responsive, etc. I brought a maple Moeck Rottenburg alto to my first lesson with a good teacher in NYC years ago (Ken Wollitz, author of “The Recorder Book”, Knopf, 1981). One of the first things he said to me was “your recorder needs revoicing.” I didn’t have a clue. He’s the one who had me switch to plastic, saying that unless you are willing to spend big bucks, plastic is as good or better, and no maintenance. I’m sure he would love the Bernolins.

Anyway, the thing is, you’ll probably never have to get any fix done to your Bernolin, except perhaps the thumbhole, depending on your pinching technique. But even there, since it is hard resin it probably wears quite well. I have noticed that it does not scratch if you put a clip-on thumbrest on it.

Hope it doesn’t take too long to receive your Bernolin. Shipping during the pandemic and combined with holidays might mean it will take awhile. Again, good luck!! It’s been several years since I got my alto and later soprano, so it wouldn’t be very indicative.