Reply To: Next recorder(s): woods, size, etc.

Diana K.

My apologies, Richard (not Kevin!)!

I really don’t mind the shrillness of sopranos (well, except maybe high F, which I haven’t been able to hit on my humble Ecodear). The size and lightness really suits my hand and finger issues much better, and I see a day when I don’t pick up the alto anymore. I really am having a blast with soprano! I just received a Moeck Rottenburgh olive wood soprano and am loving it!

Yes, totally agree about the need for warmup to reduce clogging. I notice that mine don’t clog nearly as much when I give them a good warm up time.

I do appreciate your comments about the Bernolin soprano. I think my main hang ups have been – what if it’s no longer possible to get service from Mr. Bernolin – and what if LM-77 someday is no longer available? Maybe I’m worrying about nothing. I’m probably going to order a Bernolin and a couple of bottles of LM-77 tonight…!