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Diana K.

Thank you, Ken, you have wise words! I do tend to jump in with both feet, and I’ll slow down a bit. I’m really excited about recorder. I do understand that they are individuals (like my handcrafted Native American flutes), and each has its own personality and quirks to figure out and enjoy!

I will work on the pinky finger hole coverage tips as you discussed. I’d really like to play alto as well as soprano…..

Regarding thumb rests….I’d like to look into how to use them to position the thumb, but not let it bear the weight of the thumb. I have been using an idea from Team Recorder video “Thumb rests, slings, crooks, keys?” – I looped a couple of elastic hair bands together, and attach one end around the bell end, and the other end around my rt. thumb when I want more support for my alto Ecodear. Works ok…. This doesn’t work for my Mollenhauer Prima, so I’m using a thin rubber o-ring from Ace Hardware between the rt. 1st and 2nd fingers to give a tiny bit of support, and for a placement cue. This ring is moveable as I like, and also helps keep this (slippery!) recorder from slipping.

I did think about using a neck sling for the altos…probably would work better for me than the above – if I can find the correct placement and the right thumb rest. I’m not sure I want to drill holes into an instrument, though!!! I see some metal adjustable and fixed thumb rests with eyelets at Can you recommend any in particular? I don’t think an adjustable plastic one will work – I don’t see any that have eyelets for slings.

Agree about the Modern…I realize that keys are not going to be the answer. Plus, it’s an additional complication I’d like to avoid (oiling, replacing pads, etc.).

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