Reply To: Next recorder(s): woods, size, etc.



Like yourself I have some problems due to age, arthritis, shoulder etc. and primarily play Soprano these last 6 months.
I began playing Recorder ( Alto ) when lockdown started since I could no longer play guitar or bass very well.
The Alto Recorder comes out once in a while.Not much though.
2 months ago I purchased a Mollenhauer Denner Pearwood Soprano and have just gotten to the playing for one hour a day limit on it. It is excellent and I really like the instrument.
Previously I had been using a Mollemhauer Dream Pearwood Soprano. Different from the Denner as demonstrated by Youtube videos and the description of Renaissance versus Baroque at ARS web site.
I also just purchased the Autos Haka 709 plastic Soprano for practice and it is very good.
My Yamaha Ecodear Soprano is stored in the closet now.No contest compared to the Haka.
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