Reply To: Distance Between Holes – Plastic Altos

Richard Hureau

Yes, the Bernolin is a little more than 9oz. In actual usage, I don’t find the added weight very noticeable. I think that this is because the fingering is easier. I mean that it fits my hands (quite small) so well that the added weight isn’t as noticeable as it would be if you had to stretch too.

Here is a link to a picture of the Ecodear vs the Bernolin (a white one, no longer offered):

You can see, I think, that the right-hand first 3 holes (4,5,6) are somewhat closer together. The 7th holes appears to be farther from the 6th, but in actual usage they don’t feel that way. I believe that this is because the Bernolin is fatter (through-out, except the mouthpiece), especially in the foot, as shown here:

The fatter area where the 7th holes reside has the effect of bringing the holes up closer to your pinky finger, making them easier to reach. At least that’s the way it feels when you play it. It really does feel more comfortable, although hard to describe in words and pictures.

Hope this helps.