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Diana K.

This is a bit late, but I just joined this forum! I just started playing alto recorder last week. I have experience with clarinet as a kid, and more recently, Native American style flute, so I can read music and breath control. I like the Learn Recorder on-line lessons because they give you playing and music notation tips as well as guiding you through how to play each note, with audio clips of how each should sound. The accompanying songs also have audio clips of how they sound and back tracks also.

I like the Sweet Pipes books for the variety of scales and song clips. They are good for setting up a daily warmup and practice. I’ll add to Ken’s list this one: SP2351 Playing Alto Recorder, Level 1. That’s the first book I’m working through.

The ARS website has some really good videos showing breath control, fingering technique, etc., and of course, Team Recorder has great youtube videos on a variety of topics.