Reply To: Distance Between Holes – Plastic Altos

Diana K.

I realize this is an older thread….just started playing alto recorder (last week) and also wondered about the finger spacing. I have a Yamaha 304B and a Mollenhauer Prima, and really enjoying playing them. I am getting increasingly arthritic in the hands, plus my right pinkie is crooked (points towards the index finger) from birth. It takes a bit of a stretch to get those lower F/F# holes, sometimes successfully. I have been following Sarah’s video recommendations, which seem to help a bit.

I have been wondering if I should look into a Mollenhauer 2246 Canta or a Moeck 2320 Rondo with double keys. I was steering away from wooden recorders because of the maintenance issues. Also considered a Breseden resin, which is a bit more $ than these keyed models, but I can afford one. Anybody got thoughts on these instruments and the idea of using keys to reach those low notes?

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  • This reply was modified 2 years ago by Diana K..