Reply To: Kueng Marsyas and Moeck Rottenburgh

Ken In Dallas

Point by Point:

My Yamaha Ecodear Alto is what I feel is a low-pressure instrument. I don’t know how it would compare to the Marsyas, but I sometimes feel that I’m unable to hold my breath back long enough for some phrases when I’m playing the Yamaha. I guess I’m saying that I’m not someone that would seek out such an instrument.

On the ‘clarity’ of high notes comparing Moeck and Mullenhauer, both are absolutely perfect for the entire two primary octaves. I find Ebony and Grenadilla more suited to the highest notes. I cannot give you an absolute comparison as my Moeck is older to the point that I believe it received more handwork back then at the factory. The lower amount of handwork that I understand instruments get these days is what led me to investigate the issue of revoicing and ultimately to improve the sound of my Mullenhauer Pearwood Alto to where I now do really enjoy playing the instrument. Both get the G and A above that highest F. The Moeck get the following B, which the Pearwood Mullenhauer – goes quite flat on. I don’t think it’s fair though to compare instruments of different makers and woods.

I’m glad to hear you’re thinking to start with the Grenadilla Moeck. Their Alto is an instrument I’ve been repeatedly acquainted with since the early 1970s through friends, my own purchases, and those of my students. Not one ‘bummer’ in the whole lot. All kept and played on to this day. Yes. Mullenhauer is the Recorder ‘du jour’ right now. That’s why I bought mine. I wish I knew the backstory on why some vendors won’t carry Moecks. I suspect it’s pricing. What’s nice is that both are fine instruments to my knowledge and experiences.

Hey, let us know what you buy and how your journey goes.

One more comment about “awful sounds.” With enough wine, even the best can play worst.