Reply To: Distance Between Holes – Plastic Altos

TL Zick

For what it is worth, even though this thread is two years old… I too, suffer from the distance of the 6th and 7th fingering on the Yamaha. Upon comparison with my Moeck 539 Alto “Rottenburgh”, I have found that these holes are about 3/16ths of an inch *further* apart. I don’t know if it my hand position or what, but that F note is almost impossible for me. I have been stretching my hands throughout the day, and that seems to help a little bit. However, upon watching Sarah Jeffery’s video about hand position (holding an orange, etc); I find this nearly impossible with my right hand! I find it extremely difficult to relax and consciously stretch this hand to maximum capacity while playing this Yamaha. Interestingly, I have somewhat transitioned back to an old, inexpensive wood recorder and the Moeck to practice, as they have the same fingering distances. I am completely disappointed and dissatisfied with this Yamaha recorder. Thoughts?