Reply To: Tenor keys

Phill Watson


thanks for the link. I had found other options too.

Main problem(s) are the cost and wrong country. As I already noted only paid £40 for the instrument …

I will continue to practice, practice, practice, although my time is limited. I had considered getting a bass recorder, but, tempting as it is, I am stymied by cost.

I have already fallen into the trap of paying too much for guitars, so loathe to repeat that mistake … I have 12 of them – and of course can only play one at time! Last one I bought … paid more for the case!

I have some keys from a Yamaha bass on the way, will see what I can do … and post note(s) here.

The great thing about prototypes (see previous post) is that they look promising but NEVER work. My prototype key is way too big!