Reply To: Tenor keys

Phill Watson

Hi Ken,

thanks for your in depth response. I accept that I should try to follow experienced player guidance, and will continue to practice, practice, practice.

My real point is that for a ‘simple’ instrument I would have hoped that there was a ‘simple’ solution to the left hand/right hand challenge in the form of inexpensive add on keys. I only paid £40 for my instrument, so paying silly money to add keys, or sillier money for keyed instruments does no make sense. I just want to be able to play because I like the sound.

If anyone out there owns a 3D printer, add on keys should be simple. I considered getting key assembles for a saxophone and grafting onto my tenor, but they are in a league of their own in terms of complexity (and not readily available!)

I am reminded of my first guitar – a gift given by my brother some 55 years ago – and made of plywood, where my first capo was a pencil and a rubber band – perfect for a ‘play in a day’ student. That is the kind of solution I am looking for (and like!)