Reply To: Yamaha recorders- do they sound flat?

Ken In Dallas

It was just pointed out that the YouTube videos that comprise “The Tuning CD” come with no explanation. Tom Ball’s article on using drones and tuning systems begins with an excellent explanation of what the ‘CDs’ are all about and how to use the YouTube material. Only the front end of the article is needed. Later on he goes in depth into Temperament, way beyond our discussion.

I should mention that I am not an advocate of Mean or Just Temperament. Sixty-years ago, I was all but excommunicated back in music school when my idea of a minor 3rd injured the ears of fellow students. I had learned the violin-family instruments I played while tuning with harmonics. My ear was therefore adjusted to the sweeter intervals derived from natural tuning. My fellow students had more time in and around pianos and such and therefore had ears more adjusted to Equal Temperament. Today, after years of studio time, I’m fully an Equal Temperament person. I’d better stop here as this stuff glazes people over very fast and it’s at the very edge of the topic. — k —