Reply To: Yamaha recorders- do they sound flat?

Katia J

^All also good points above.

As far as tuning, I’d far rather play along with a recording to check my tuning, rather than a tuner. (Which is, btw, how I figured out that I needed to check my tuning early on– thought I was doing fine because of course I was playing by myself, and was in tune with my self; I don’t have perfect pitch so I won’t know by hearing just me if I’m a few cents flat… then I tried playing along with an accompaniment track, and hello, I was flatter than a pancake, lol.) And, if need be, record myself playing, with or without a recording (I find sometimes it’s easier to hear imperfect intonation when you’re ‘detached” from the situation via a recording rather than when the instrument is right under your ear in the heat of playing).

A tuner has its uses, but not, IMO, for trying to check one’s actual intonation in playing, on any instrument.