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Katia J

Ken, that makes sense. But I honestly don’t think she plans on getting that in-depth with music. I don’t think she’ll be interested in Suzuki books or even playing along with CDs, music theory, etc. To be honest with you, I don’t know that I’d be surprised if she never actually picked up the instrument and started to play it (after all, she first mentioned to me in perhaps June or July that she was interested and when I ordered the book for her, and it was just the other day when she mentioned it again and she had yet to start up with it). She told me she wants to pick up one or the other but not both, so there will be no switching back and forth– whichever she starts with is the one she will stick with.

I have no idea what she will be playing with friends, whether it will be Irish/Scottish music, other types of folk music, or Pink Floyd or Katy Perry. (My guess is that it will run more to folk music, as I *think* the people she’s playing with are the Ren Faire types, or at least one of them used to be long ago, but, I don’t know that that means that’s the music they’re playing all together, and I don’t know if their interest is “we will play a Taverner motet” academic, or runs more to “let’s play some Irish music, hmmmmm, I know, how about Danny Boy?” or “Okay, here’s a Bob Dylan song…”)

I can’t remember which book I got her; it was one of the ones recommended on ASW’s site. Possibly the Orr book?