Reply To: Wooden Keyless Tenor Impressions


Just a small additional note: I have never tried a Fehr instrument but Fehr’s chief designer used to be the same person who designed Küng’s Marsyas range, ie Heinz Ammann, so there is probably a fair bit of overlap between the ranges. There is some info about this on the ASW website.

I have owned several Moeck recorders and they have all been excellent.

As far as getting the vaccine goes: lucky you, getting it later today. Rollout seems to be going quite slowly here in Ireland – I’m retired, mid 60s, and I think it could be some months away yet. It will indeed be nice to be able to travel again: my wife and I plan to treat ourselves by going to Stockstadt recorder festival next time that is possible. They have a programme scheduled for this year, but it takes place in May, and I really don’t see that being possible. Maybe next year!