Reply To: Wooden Keyless Tenor Impressions

Michael Pendred

If you have not already bought your keyless tenor, I would like to offer my limited experience of them.

I have tried Moeck Rottenburghs in maple, boxwood, rosewood and ebony and found them nice to play. The ebony had a particularly rich sound across the whole range.

But the one that really blew my mind, was a Fehr Model III in palisander. The rich sound was so beautiful it made the back of my neck tingle.

The other thing I likd about the Model III is the shape of the little finger holes – I found them easier to hit, especially the low C#

The model III ones are very hard to get hold of though. The Early Music Shop has a Model 4 for sale:
Fehr "Model 4" Tenor Recorder in Palisander

However I do not know how this compares to the Model III.

The Early Music Shop does have Model III tenors in other woods though. The one in Bubinga is probably as near as you will get to the one I had

Fehr "Model 3" Tenor Recorder in Bubinga