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Richard Hureau

Interesting info, Peter. I’ve been re-reading what I entered above (a year ago!). I’ve learned a few things since then.

First, I was wrong – the Stanesby Jr model was NOT designed to emphasize the lower and middle registers at the expense of the upper. I could swear that I read that in several places on the Internet, but after a good deal of searching, I have been unable to confirm it. So I guess I just dreamed it. Sooo, the Stanesby Jr model should not be a factor in the Bernolin high note issue.

Also, I have gradually come to the realization that on the Bernolin if you back off on your breath pressure some on the high notes you will have better results. I often tend to blow too hard on them (which is easy to do), but get better results by actually blowing a little less hard on high D thru F (than on say Bb thru C). It’s a subtle thing and it’s easy for me to fall back into the habit of blowing too hard on them, but just keeping it in mind DOES greatly help in getting the notes to speak easily.

Concerning high G. There is another alternate that I have been using and liking:

/ 123 4-67

(This is essentially a high Bb with an added right-hand pinky)

Note that hole 2 remains covered. I don’t think it is any less sharp than any other alternates, but it can sound better and purer sometimes. A little less breath pressure on it can work wonders, I think.

Finally, I think I may have mentioned elsewhere in this forum, but I’ll mention it again. I noticed on Sarah Jeffery’s review of a very cheap plastic vs expensive wooden soprano, she said that the highest notes on the plastic instrument were actually easier to play, but they had a lot less latitude as far as breath pressure (to adjust intonation, etc). I think this is true of the Bernolin and quite possible with other higher-end recorders – ALL the notes can be played with more variation of breath pressure and still speak than on some cheap plastic recorders, but especially the high notes can be harder to use. Hence my finding that you can use less breath pressure on those high notes and still have them speak OK on the Bernolin, whereas with a plastic recorder you can get them to speak more easily but only at a very limited degree of pressure (blowing hard, usually).

I still really like the Bernolin and recommend it highly. 🙂