Reply To: Yamaha Ecodear models

Richard Hureau

I agree that one tends to accumulate a bunch of plastic recorders. I pretty much buy any high-quality plastic recorder that any major manufacturer comes out with. I am resisting all the cheaper knock-offs that seem to be coming out of China these days; some may be OK, I suppose. The Triebert gets good reviews on Amazon; I won’t spring for it, however, because, as you say, not enough fingers for so many recorders. I’ve also resisted the expensive Zen-on 415 model because I have no use for it (plus, I don’t much like the 440 Zen-on G-1A). I’m glad it’s available, however, for folks who want a relatively inexpensive 415.

I usually wind up having most sitting in a drawer, never used again (like the Yamaha 302B and the 402B), especially since I got my Bernolin resin. But I’m pretty sure you agree that we should celebrate the fact that you can get such high-quality instruments at such low prices. I cannot think of another instrument in this category (maybe harmonicas?).