Reply To: Moeck or Mollenhauer?

Jonathan Dodd

Ken, that’s very interesting. I have a Mollenhauer Denner descant in pearwood, and find it has too many upper harmonics to blend well in an ensemble. And it utterly can’t be used for duetting with the Kung Superio in plumwood as the harmonics clash violently!
More usefully to you (I hope!) – we tried a Mollenhauer Denner keyless tenor when we bought our Kung Studio. We rejected it because of poor intonation on one note (on two examples, so not an individual fault), if memory serves correctly the top E flat. Also the Kung fitted much better under the hands than the Molly. We thought that the Kung had as much presence as longer, keyed instruments- that is to say, it didn’t feel lessened by being shorter.
The Kung has a lot of air space in the embouchure, which allows for a lovely ‘chiff’ if you want. Of course it has a modern, straight windway. We weren’t looking for a solo instrument so it was the ideal package. We bought the cherrywood because it had a fuller, rounder sound than pearwood. But it blends beautifully (and looks much nicer, too! – something of olive wood in the grain.)
Hope that’s some help!