Reply To: Moeck or Mollenhauer?

Ken In Dallas

Jonathan, thank you for some insight about your friend’s Huber Tenor. It’s valuable to me.

Funny how one person’s half-full glass can be another’s half empty. I find the non-tropical wood plain-Jane instruments to blend well and the tropical-wood instruments with ‘character’ to stick out in the blend. My primary Recorder’s an Alto Pearwood Mollenhauer Denner. Even tempered throughout its entire range, bends with whatever instruments I’m playing along with, and has very little ‘uniqueness.’ Just one sweet in-tune flute. I love it.

On a whim I just bought an Aulos keyless Tenor – a Robin 211. I can’t get over how much faster and easier it is to play than my keyed Maple nice-quality Herwiga or Aulos 311. So now, Pandemically sequestered as I am, I’m lusting for a new keyless wooden Tenor. I hate not being able to travel to the brick and mortar Recorder shops around the Country to try instruments.

From my reading, I’m kind down to Kung, Huber and Mollenhauer for a pear keyless Tenor. Again, I want one that has no warts and blends easily. That’s why I’m asking around for who’s playing what. By the way, I’m an experienced musician and can play with wide dynamic range, so a plain-Jane Pearwood is desirable as it doesn’t fight me with any voice unevenness as phrases flow up and down the octaves.

I think I’m going to start a “Keyless Tenor” thread here on the Forum. — k