Reply To: Moeck or Mollenhauer?

Ken In Dallas

Barbara, Two Recorders? Two? I’ll stop, but it has to be environmental in some way. And as long as I’m solving all your life’s problems, I’m thinking that if you and your husband can use different computers (tablets, phones, or whatever) each with its own Log-On password to your Wi-Fi router, and each computer with its own JamKazam install and Zoom install, each registered to the owner of that computer – a total separation of identities – I’m thinking the shared Operating System components won’t cause a crash when both of you run the conflicting programs — maybe.

So the bottle was picked up by an old guy who gives advise to everyone that doesn’t ask for it. Time to add our recent postings to your original in the bottle, replace the cork, and toss it back to the Internet Sea to perhaps be found someday by another.

Here’s To The Music,