Reply To: Moeck or Mollenhauer?

Ken In Dallas

Barbara, You’ve got to share your opinion here of how the JamKazam session went. I downloaded the program after reading their pitch about having the least lag, but the World has gone to Zoom. I’m teaching two people recorder using Zoom’s “Original Sound” and by adjusting our behaviors for the software. It’s ‘okay, but.’

I ‘returned’ to recorder to give my hand a rest. I multi-voiced Bach on guitar for too many years – “Two-Part Invention Disease.” I thought it was Carpal’s. Upon my wife, Gayle, and my sequestering, I took my alto from the wall rack in our music room and started playing. I’ve played since 5th grade and am now 72 – (doesn’t mean much.) I may have now developed “Recorder-Buying Disease” with a secondary diagnosis of “Recorder Sonata-ism.” It’s a good life.

Your alto Moeck really bothers me. I think it had a guarantee for a few years – likely expired by now. I couldn’t find an “International Representative” for Canada or the States on Moeck’s website. They did list ‘The Early Music Shop’ in Britain. The US postage to Europe is painful. Yours may be much better.

A Moeck vendor with a respected name in the ‘recorder community’ might be of help. I don’t know who’s-who in Canada, but Von Huene outside Boston here in the States is a Moeck alto vendor with perhaps the best US recorder-shop reputation. You might check out his website. His take on how to go forward starts at:

Moeck would likely be a good place to inquire as well:

That alto is an expensive and well respected instrument. It’s an unusual problem. I would encourage you to at least get some sense of what it might cost to get it back up and running. Recorders are fairly simple devices. You and I are the ‘moving parts.’ I should also mention that I looked at all the wooden recorders here in the house. All of them are ‘quarter sawn.’ Yours is ‘slab sawn.’ You can tell by the round dome of grain on the top of the beak. Perhaps there’s less of an ability to expand and contract if sawn that way. It’s worth asking if that’s a manufacturing defect.

The price of repair might be the same as the new purchase price, but without investigating a repair estimate or warranty claim… who knows? It’s hard to find the energy sometimes, but it’s always worth in information gained.

I’m interested. I send you ENERGY!

End of rant, — k