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Richard Hureau

Well, I don’t know what happened to the reply that I typed in and has now disappeared. I’ll say it again:

Yes, the Suite in A Minor is by Teleman. Some people call it the “7th Brandenburg,” because it is a similar type – small Baroque orchestra, etc. The recorder is the only solo instrument in it. VERY pretty, although somewhat harder than the Handel pieces, I think.

Glad you have a good program to change speed on MP3. Audacity is really fine, although you have to export to a new MP3 in order to use its results. Other programs, like VLC, allow you to change speed on the fly.

Probably the best program like this is called “Transcribe!” (Note the exclamation as part of the name):

It is very popular and quite powerful. For example, you can use it to loop within a section so you can closely listen to it and figure out what is happening. It’s mostly used for what it’s called – for transcriptions, also by say a guitarist trying to figure out a fancy lick in a guitar solo. In a Baroque context, you could use it to figure out the ornamentation used by a soloist. I have used it to figure out a continuo realization for the Hasse “Cantata” (Sonata in Bb Major). Only wrinkle is that it costs $39. But I think it is worth it, for sure.

Good luck with the Handel!