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Ken In Dallas

You’ve given me a great deal to think about and explore. Is the Suite in A Minor also Telemann’s?

Early on I got into the Open Source software and have ridden along as they’ve gotten better and better. “VLC Media Player” has several plus-and-minus play speeds that usually permit my bringing a piece up to the ‘as recorded’ speed. I also sometimes take recordings into “Audacity,” which gives me absolute control over speed and pitch.

I have the complete series – 8 books/CDs – of the Schott Renaissance and Baroque Recorder Anthologies. I like bringing a whole book up to speed so that I can just start their CD of accompaniment and then play along for the entire book page after page in sequence. The fastest pieces are “speed perishable.” I get rusty if don’t practice regularly, and it’s a large library.

So now, moving away from ‘anthologies’ with their hodge-podge collections, I’m looking to play ‘composers.’ That’s how I landed on the Handel Sonatas. It seemed and I found true that the entire range of difficulty within the Sonatas are well within my playing skills if I approach them with discipline.

Get’n long winded. Better Stop. Again, thank you! — k