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Richard Hureau

I also want to mention that the Music Partner playalongs can also suffer from extreme speed (at least for me). For example, I don’t know if you are familiar with the Telemann Sonata in F Major, TWV 41:F2 (pretty often played by intermediate players like myself; not too difficult). Well, the first movement is Vivace and they take that VERY literally, playing it at metronome speed approximately 112. I guess if you have the chops, that’s possible, but from looking at my old practice sheets, the highest I ever got on that was 104, and I am currently revisiting it and am only at 92. I am actually using a MuseScore version instead because of this. Although, as I said, I could use some software to slow the Music Partner version down some.

Another example is the Music Partner playalong for the Suite in A Minor (an actual orchestra – very cool!); the Rejouissance movement is at approx 119. Yikes! Yeah, it’s supposed to be fast, but do they think that Dan Laurin and Michala Petri are the folks buying these playalongs?!? So for something like that, you’d want to slow it down, I would think.