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Richard Hureau

My understanding is that Music Partner – being for modern flute – would require transposition to match the Alto Recorder. Is that your understanding as well?

Also.. I think I remember that Musescore’s accompaniment is with synthesized instruments.

While I’ve got your ear… I’ve read other contributions you’ve made on this forum. Thank you for the depth and breadth of your knowledge. — k

Concerning the Music Partner, no, I think you are incorrect. That Peters edition is for alto recorder and continuo, and the description says it, and also, if you look closely at the sheet music that is included, you’ll see that recorder is one of the instruments. I think I may actually have that edition buried away in the pile… I am 94.6% sure it does not require transposition.

Edit: forget the 94.6%; I just looked at my CDs and I have the actual Music Partner CD, with the same catalog number, musicians, etc. It is definitely for alto recorder.

As far as the Musescore instruments, they are music samples, as mentioned by Jason Cone. They sound so-so, but the flexibility is good to have.

I should have mentioned that if you have ANY MP3 recording (for example, a ripped MusicMinusOne or Music Partner CD), you can change the playback speed and/or pitch WITHOUT affecting the sound by using software. So the whole Dowani idea of 3-tempi is getting obsolete, although I admire their efforts.

Thanks for the kind words about my contributions. 🙂