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Jason Cone

I thought I was the only one that still played that song. I braced myself… but you sang in tune! Nice job!

Haha! Thanks. Glad my vocal didn’t make you cringe. 🙂

I once looked into the synth instruments at Native Instruments, but they price-packaged themselves out of my market for just the instruments I wanted…

The ones I’ve been using came packaged with my DAW (Bitwig Studio). If I recall correctly, the ones on that track are Nektar drums and Sneaky bass.

For the Handel, I’ll likely do what I do for my students: I’ll transcribe the keyboard and bass scores and record it on either lute or classic guitar. The latter usually records better, but my lute has those great low strings.

That sounds like a great plan.

On the lute: I’m jealous! I’d love to own a lute, but I haven’t got around to that, yet. (I did just record a simple/short version of Robin Reddocke from Ballet’s Lute Book, but I used a classical guitar, and added recorders and a frame drum. There’s a link in the recordings section of these forums.)

Again, thank you for all the information and the old tune. — k

Glad to be of service. (And I’d love to hear a recording with that lute and some recorder, if you don’t mind me making a request!)