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Ken In Dallas

Richard, Thank you for all the information. I did get a response from the publisher saying that they had no accompaniment for the book in any form. Though I hate to buy the same music twice, the Dowani may be my only available option, and then for only one of the six sonatas.

My understanding is that Music Partner – being for modern flute – would require transposition to match the Alto Recorder. Is that your understanding as well?

Also.. I think I remember that Musescore’s accompaniment is with synthesized instruments. I swear, when this Pandemic is over, I promise I will never again complain about anything during rehearsals with live musicians. I do miss the ensemble I was with. Right now I have a copy of Finale with synthesized instruments. Ehh.. So, so. Am I right about Musescore being synthesized too?

While I’ve got your ear… I’ve read other contributions you’ve made on this forum. Thank you for the depth and breadth of your knowledge. — k